10 Questions to ask yourself at the end of the year.

10 Questions to Close-out the Year   How did I/we do?  Did we meet our goals? Did we surpass      the previous year?     What was successful?  Why?       Should we do more of it next year?     What didn’t work?  Why?       What did we learn from the attempt?       Can we […]

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Strategy…..Am I Drinking My Own Kool-Aid?

Strategy – Drinking My Own Kool-Aid? I belong to a business guy’s book club.  I know that sounds a bit unusual, but it is an interesting mix of personalities and business backgrounds.  This makes our monthly discussion of the book we read pretty lively? Last month we read “Only the Paranoid Survive” by Andy Grove […]

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Why is “WHY” So Hard?

If you’ve hung around a 3 – 4 year old you know how tough it is to answer “why” questions, especially when you are asked 10x per minute!  We finally give up and provide a “what” answer like, “because I said so.”  A “what” answer is easier than a “why” answer.  The wisest man I […]

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NFL Player, Little House on the Prairie and YOU?!

What do a Pro Football Player, Little House on the Prairie, and you have in common?   Merlin Olsen, a member of the famous Los Angeles Ram’s defensive line the Fearsome Foursome, and later an actor (Little House on the Prairie and Father Murphy) and sports commentator had his own personal mission statement, do you […]

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2015 Planning – Top 10 List

2015 Planning – Top 10 list                  2015 is right around the corner, are you prepared for success or will you have another year where the business manages you, instead of the other way around?  Americans love lists, so we have compiled the Top 10 Questions you should ask and answer to prepare for a […]

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Selling Your Business – Do You Have a Plan?

Selling Your Business? What’s Your Plan?   When was the last time you asked yourself why I am in business?  What was your answer?  If you had a hard time answering that question you probably haven’t put much thought into your transition (sale) plan. If you are honest with yourself, you might admit that you’ve […]

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Leveraging Your #1 Sales Asset – 6 Ways to Grow Your Topline – Part 2

Last month we covered the first 3 Keys to Growing your Topline: http://www.peakperformancebusinesssolutions.com/leverage-1-sales-asset-6-keys-growing-topline/ Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) “Fish where the fish are” It’s Not Selling…….It’s Helping People to Buy This month we will complete the task, covering: Goal Achievement Too Busy to Sell? Selling in 2014 – The Technology Bandwagon 4.  Goal Achievement: Do […]

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How to Leverage your #1 Sales Asset – 6 Keys to Growing your Topline

How to Leverage Your #1 Sales Asset – YOU! – 6 Keys to Growing your Topline (1st in a 2-part series – Part 2 to be released next month)                As a small business owner you may have started your business because: You had a passion for the product, service or industry. You had skill […]

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How are You doing on that New Year’s Resolution?!

Are you one of the 141 million people in the U.S. that made a New Year’s Resolution this year? It is January 27, 2014, how are you progressing towards your goal? Be honest! After the 1st week most have abandoned their resolution, are you in this group?  Or are you one of the 11 Million […]

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Is too Much Transparency Dangerous?

Is Too Much Transparency Dangerous?                   In previous blogs we’ve discussed the importance of leaders being transparent – “walking the talk”.  We’ve also addressed the power of Vision, Alignment and Execution – employees want to know: Where are we going Why are we going there What my role is in helping us get there […]

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